Please see message below from Red Hill JFC for the Farnsworth family.

3 members of the beautiful Farnsworth family were tragically involved in a serious car accident last week.
As a result Lisa and her two youngest boys, twins, Luke and Sam are being treated in Hospital for serious injuries. While Lisa and Luke will recover over time, we still hold fears for young Sam in his recovery, so keep them all in your thoughts.

Lisa and Neil are both very actively involved with the day to day runnings of the Red Hill JFC. They have both donated countless hours to ensure that all of our kids can play Football every week.

Donations to help with everyday expenses while they take time to recover would be greatly appreciated. Not only just to pay bills, but they will need alterations in their home to allow for their recovery once they’re home from hospital.

For those that don’t know these guys personally, Neil is self employed and needs as much time off as possible so he can be with his loved ones and help them on their long road to recovery.


Please click here and donate anything you can


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Rohan Williams
Red Hill Junior Football Club.
0417 066 217